Retail Facility Management

Asset management is a key element of any company management. Choosing Retail Facility Management, you get the company with extensive experience in management and consulting in strategically important issues of any enterprise.

Effective asset management

Effective asset management is increasingly important for investors looking for return the profit in a relatively weak commercial property market. We provide a full range of asset management services on commercial property.
Our Asset Management team delivers higher investment performance for large property management companies and financial institutions – whatever the market conditions.
Our aim is to add value to your portfolio or property. We focus on a general view and on understanding of your needs based on our clear understanding of investment principles.

Annual reports provide a complete overview of work performed and execution of tasks set in the following areas: management accounting and key financial performance indicators, technical operation, marketing, relations with tenants and rental of premises.
  • Monitoring and developing a plan for operating costs (OpEx)
  • Monitoring and developing a capital expenditure plan (CapEx)
  • Control and organization of insurance coverage for the object
  • Coordination and development of business and strategic plans
  • Control and coordination of services of contractors and subcontractors, including security and cleaning services
  • Preparing annual marketing strategy and budgeting
  • Control over the execution of the annual marketing plan
  • B2B marketing for tenants
  • Monitoring of outgoing publications
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Preparation of an annual program to generate additional income
  • Hosting an event
  • PR support
  • Tenders among advertising agencies
  • Providing reporting materials
  • Research and Analytics
  • Advertising
  • PR
  • Increase visitor flow
  • Sales increase
  • Creation and promotion of sites
  • Tenant development campaigns
  • Post advertising / newsletter
  • Social media marketing
  • Visitor Events
  • Sale of advertising space
  • Visual merchandising
The concept of working with a real estate object is aimed at creating value, which depends on non-rental income and helps to increase profits and the stock value of your business’s shares.
  • Increasing value of real estate by increasing income through additional services
  • Attracting additional income through kiosks, islands, selling advertising space, etc.
  • Development of partnerships between tenants and management company
  • Development of commercial appeal of public project areas
  • Increasing attractiveness of objects and their importance in international market
  • Monitoring of turnover and attendance
  • Providing a better pool of future tenants in accordance with concept
  • Coordination and control of space rental contractors
  • Attracting partners and new brands to the project
  • Monitoring market situation
  • Rental control
  • Rental Analysis
Each of our projects is assigned a professional specialist who interacts with tenants on matters. We believe that maintaining and developing relations with tenants is a vital part of success!
  • Control over the material terms of the contract in the commercial and technical parts, the extension of lease agreements, termination
  • Creating a database and workflow
  • Communication with tenants, notifications, bids and feedback
  • Work with receivables
  • Consideration of appeals from tenants, archiving contracts and letters
  • Increase tenant satisfaction
  • Accounting
  • Credit control
  • Organization of audit of financial information
  • Management Accounting
  • Invoicing to tenants, payment for services of suppliers
  • Tax accounting
  • Automation of business processes

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