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Our approach to corporate responsibility:

RFM is a company with high social responsibility. We strive to provide our clients with a service that is honest and transparent. Every day we work to develop innovative methods of providing services to achieve our goals on social responsibility.

We focus our energy on initiatives that support our experts of various industries, protect the environment, improve consumer health and strengthen our communities. RFM is a company that affects thousands of lives every day. Every day we succeed in implementing responsibility in the field of waste minimization, efficient operation and optimization of emissions. We constantly endeavour to improve providing services and to offer our experience to find practical solutions for clients. We measure the impact of our work and we feel our responsibility to do always better.


60% of respondents are concerned about excessive use of plastics


80% of respondents try to reduce personal consumption of plastics

Effective activity

Starting from saving water and electrical power to reduce our impact on the environment, our everyday gentle treatment methods also preserve natural resources.

We always implement the ways to conserve our resources and ensure ‘greener’ operations during building operation. Our goal is partnership with our clients to find the best ways to work together to reduce environmental impact. Our solutions cover a wide range of practices - from water and power saving programs to cleaning with low environmental impact.
Our water saving programs include the implementation of plans for preservation and installation of water saving equipment and fittings, such as bathrooms and kitchen appliances with low water consumption, as well as cleaning equipment, hard floors and carpets without using harmful chemicals.

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Retail Facility Management

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